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About Vandeputte

Samurai is a brand developped by Vandeputte. In order to address the specific needs of the nordics region, Samurai has developped in collaboration with Gore-Tex Pyrad® a new product range : Samurai Shirudo.

Vandeputte is the biggest distributor of personal protection equipment in the Benelux. 500 years of knowledge in industrial safety is present in our company. For many years now, the belief that every human being has the right to optimal and comfortable protection in the workplace, has been our core mission. Vandeputte does not limit itself to the distribution of safety products, but together with you, is continuously in search of customer-oriented solutions. We are convinced that investments in safety should always pay for themselves in the long term, both financially and in the form of a higher degree of safety, well-being and productivity.

Thanks to our semi-automatised logistic facility (18,000 m2 of storage space, 50,000 locations, 12 loading and unloading bays, 3 automatic cranes for order picking), Vandeputte is able to achieve a significantly higher availability of goods. In addition, our centralized approach offers our customers the possibility to standardize, track and monitor the selected portfolio across multiple locations. 

To Vandeputte, corporate social responsibility means giving something back to society. Simply giving money is too easy: we want to make the world a safer place. The challenges, as incorporated in our CSR policy, are mainly in the implementation of objectives and actions.