“What if this catches fire?”
“Why am I sweating this much?”
“I’ve been out all day and I ‘m soaking wet,…my jacket weighs a ton”


SAMURAI GORE® PYRAD® products take away all of these concerns at the highest level possible.

gore pyrad worker safety first

In a wide variety of industrial conditions, your crew is put to the test. Day in, day out.
They are challenged to perform 120% on the job, on deadlines and in all kinds of weather.
Procedures and safety need to be on top of mind. Always.

They are a breakthrough in self-extinguishing fabric technology that adds unparalleled heat, flame, and arc protection properties to other flame retardant textiles such as modacryl-cotton or FR Polyester.

GORE® PYRAD® fabric can leverage properties of waterproofness, breathability, low water pick-up, fast dry-out and textile produced in Hi-Vis colors, that have traditionally been difficult to achieve with conventional FR textiles.

As an early adopter, we have been activating this technology in the Western European market, mostly in the Benelux chemical industry complexes and ports (Antwerp and Rotterdam) since 2012.

Unparalleled, unmatched, uncompromised … .

Samurai Safety Warrior saw the light of day in 2003, with the support of Vandeputte Safety as business angel and still resides for a 100% under its wings.

gore pyrad worker safety first
gore pyrad worker safety first

Vandeputte Safety has been and still is thé added value PPE provider and market leader, delivering and servicing the vast majority of industrial complexes and public service bodies in the Benelux.

About 200 FTE ‘s strong, an annual turnover of over €75.000.000 and no long term debt, make VDP the stronghold under which innovation and leadership within the PPE market place can prosper.

Exclusive partnership and co-branding with f.e. GORE-TEX make it possible to engineer high-end holistic solutions and TCO driven products for our demanding customers.

Headoffice vandeputte safety Boechout_Belgium

It’s automated logistical platform, embedded in the center of Belgium, of over 18.000m2 large guarantees significant stock positions and swift order processing and delivery.

An ambitious CSR strategy, including work-life balance, environmental, physical and mental health programs has been a non-stop leadership driven focal point.